Congratulation to the yogis upon completion of 21 Days New Year Challenge!

‘ I feel great and awesome!’ Thank you for your dedication and committment! Here are some of our participants’ sharing of their stories! 

“Well I’ve been practicing yoga for quite a time through my life and for the past two years I stopped practicing; I felt like my body, my mind, my soul, my energy, which had been evolving into negative vibes, needed to go back into yoga. This was when I researched yoga studios around my community and that’s when I found out about Barefoot Yoga Studio and its 21 days challenge. I felt lucky and then I headed my way to the studio, I felt like the challenge could be a great start to take my way back into yoga.

Little did I know I was right on path right after my second day into the challenge, I felt relaxed, stretched, serene, peaceful and more aware of my body. The soreness I felt on my body definitely made me feel aware of what I have forgotten, of what I was looking for, of what I was craving, definitely made me feel connected into my body and disintegrated negative thoughts.

I actually didn’t set any personal challenges, or maybe just the challenge of getting back to yoga. I’ve been feeling the change of my body through every pose I do during class, I’ve been noticing the difference of my elastic joints, muscles and skin, I’ve been feeling more aware of how stiff I was.

I think that most difficult part of the challenge was the weather, during the first week in the challenge the weather was pouring rain, foggy, cold and just not cooperating with me to keep going, I usually don’t like to drive under these weather conditions but at the end I didn’t mind the 18 mins drive.

I actually asked Wai-Mei if there would be a possibility of repeating the challenge for spring or summer again, if I could I would repeat this challenge of going everyday to yoga and commit to it.

I also would recommend this challenge to a friend I would know he-she will commit or he-she is craving for serenity, relaxation and connection between his-her mind and body.                                                  

-Nadia, 1/31/2016


“I would trust Barefoot implicitly and they have an excellent program and a great variety of classes and very passionate instructors.” Ian.

Want to read more 21 Days Challenge yogis inspiring stories? Here is Ian’s live interview! Stay tune for more stories!

1. Why did you decide to participate in this challenge?
-Just to see if I could do it and to make a commitment to try to improve myself.
2. How did you feel after each class?
-It works on a number of levels. I would say maybe grateful and very appreciative of the variety that Barefoot has to offer and the uniqueness of each of the instructors.
3. Did you set any personal goals for the challenge?
-Not really just to see it through was the main thing and secondary was to learn as much as I could and get exposure to different teachers and broaden my horizons.
4. How have you improved since the beginning of the challenge?
-I’m a lot more comfortable with more standard vinyasa poses. It sort of solidified what I had a fairly good grip on but a couple of the instructors would add some new things that really challenged me; some that I wasn’t quite ready for. I was able to get through it ok. It’s been a good learning experience but its also been humbling in some ways too. It solidifies what I already knew but it also shows me that there’s still a lot to learn
5. What was the most difficult or challenging part?
-Two things. Sometime around the end of the first week or the second week when I was about seven or eight straight sessions in I started thinking “I don’t know about this” but once I got over that it started getting better. One of the hardest things was I got a little too comfortable and pushed myself a little too hard…I pulled something or I strained something in my right hip and it was hard going back Wednesday and Thursday of this week knowing I had an issue and I wasn’t at full capacity. But I went back anyway and I did ok, I kind of dialed back a little bit.
6. Would you participate again?
-Absolutely, yeah
7. Would you recommend to a friend?
-Yeah I would recommend this to anybody and anybody that thinks this is easy or anyone that has a negative view of it and hasn’t experienced it needs to really come out and see what it does for you.
8. Is there anything else you would like to share relating to the challenge?
-Just that I would say that I would trust Barefoot implicitly and they have an excellent program and a great variety of classes and very passionate instructors.

More stories to come! Stay tunes!