Teacher Training

IMG_0717200 Hours Yoga Alliance Accredited 

Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Davis and Hong Kong

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Spring Training 2018, Davis:

March 24-June 10, 2018

Three Months Weekend Workshop

   Saturday and Sunday 9-5 pm

Day off on April 14-15, May 19-20

Tuition: $2450


Summer Training 2018, Davis:

(NEW Date!)

One month Weekday Workshop

   Monday to Friday 9 am-5 pm 

June 18- July 13, 2018

Tuition: $2550

Early Bird Special: $2450 application complete by May 15

Our Mission

Our certified teacher training program creates a solid and well-rounded foundation in the art of teaching yoga. We are committed to providing each student with the necessary tools to teach with compassion, integrity and knowledge while honoring their own internal wisdom, and authentic voice. Each student will leave with confidence that they are ready to teach yoga to all students regardless of age, physical fitness, or injuries.

Theory and Practice of Yoga

The practice of the asanas is the basis of our teacher training philosophy. This foundational training will emphasize deepening the students’ personal asana practice, which we believe to be the greatest source for creative teaching. In addition to a strong asana practice there will be a comprehensive study of the techniques and mechanics of fundamental yoga postures, while providing the tools necessary to teach yoga to others. To facilitate a more scientific understanding of the body, the training will include the study of functional anatomy and physiology. The training will also give developing teachers a balanced understanding of yoga by moving beyond the physical with the study of Vippasana meditation, (encouraging students to develop a daily meditation practice at home), a deep understanding of Pranayama, and an exploration of the Chakras, Naulis, Kriyas, Dristhi and Bandhas.



  •  Names (Sanskrit and English)
  • Standing, seated, and finishing asanas of the Primary Series and other flow sequences with a detailed breakdown of the poses
  • Practice and health benefits of the asanas
  • Alignment principles
  • Modifications for injuries


Vinyasa Yoga System

Practicing and teaching the sequences:

  • Full Primary Series-Ashtanga
  • Modified Primary Series- Ashtanga
  • Mixed level routines – Flow Yoga


Anatomy and Physiology

  •  Anatomical groupings: feet, legs, pelvis, spine and shoulder girdle
  • Physiology of inversions, breathing and the nervous system.



  • Ujjayi Pranayama – theory and practice
  • Working with breath in flowing sequences
  • Suryanamaskara A and B – theory and practice.



  •  Technique and practice of Vipassana Meditation



  • Chakras- name, location, importance
  • Nadis – theory and practice
  • Bandhas – names, location, practice
  • Dristhi- location and practice
  • Kriyas- description and practice


Special Yoga Classes

  • Pre-natal Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Kids Yoga


Yoga Philosophy

Over 2,000 years ago the sage Patanjali described the process of Yoga as a way to reach higher consciousness and peace in his writings known as The Yoga Sutras. These sutras (written as aphorisms) help to deepen the awareness of our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with our environment.

We will cover the following historical texts and yoga masters:

  •  The Yoga Sutras- Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga
  • The Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • T. Krishnamachayra
  • Pattabhi Jois
  • BKS Iyengar


The Theory and Practice of Teaching

The art of teaching requires a great level of sensitivity, compassion and practice. A teacher must encourage and inspire, being sensitive to both the needs of individuals as well as those of the group. The practical and subtle aspects involved in teaching will include:

  • How to be an effective teacher
  • Use of voice, detailed instruction, body language, touch
  • The art and science of flowing through sequences
  • Learning how to see and understand bodies
  • The purpose and use of props
  • Hands on adjustments
  • Practice teaching
  • Teacher observation



On completion of our training the student will receive a Barefoot Yoga Studio Certificate and will have met all of the 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certificate requirements. They may also be considered for a teaching position at the Barefoot Yoga Studio. Graduates of the program will have the opportunity to grow into teachers with wide ranging careers that include teaching classes, workshops and retreats or even opening their own yoga studio.



Robert Boswell, Wai Mei Yeung and Angel Stork



Spring Training Tuition Fee: $2450

Early Bird Special: $2350 (on/before 2/28/ 2018)

Summer Intensive Training Tuition Fee: $2550

Early Bird Special: $2450 (on/before 5/1/ 2018)

Non-refundable deposit to save your spot: $250

Flexible payment plans available, please contact us for application.

Tuition fee is non-refundable.

To apply, please write to us info@barefootyogadavis.com for application form. 


Barefoot Yoga Studio
10150 Olive Drive, Suite B
Davis, Ca 95616
(530) 753-YOGA (9642)


“Participating in Barefoot Yoga’s Teacher Training Course was one of the best gifts that Robert and Wai-Mei could have shared with me. The program gave me tools to cultivate a greater awareness of my body and a better understanding of the mind. Although it was challenging and pushed me to explore my physical limits, Robert and Wai-Mei supported me through it with personal loving-kindness and compassion that I would not expect to find in any other similar program. The program facilitated profound growth within me in such a short amount of time which I have never experienced in any other aspect of my life. Upon completion I feel as though I have attained the knowledge and understanding required to help others and share the yoga teachings, as well as cultivated my own founding yogic practices to guide me through the rest of my life. I am so thankful I was able to participate in this program!”

                                                                                                  Sarah Saldo, Barefoot Yoga Studio Fall 2013 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“Barefoot Yoga Studio RYS is an amazing place to be trained as a yoga teacher. The instructors are thoughtful, thorough and diligent in their instruction. The content of the course covers a large array of topics that helped me grow personally within my practice. I left the program feeling like a knowledgeable, confident and informed teacher. I would recommend Barefoot Yoga Studio to any aspiring teachers or anyone looking to deepen their practice and connection with yoga.”

                                                                                                 Karly Sena, Barefoot Yoga Studio Spring 2015 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“I was blessed that I could attend and complete your teacher training program. I learned how to be a true Yogi from this teacher training program both spiritually and practically. Which were exactly what I hoped I could learn from the course before training.

Robert taught me how to be a Yogi from inside, and this becomes a more important point than being able to do challenging poses in yoga for me after this course. I focus more on being conscious of my body and mind both on and off the mat. I could really see my difference that I am more aware of what I am thinking/feeling/doing at the present, being less reacted, more responded. I see this a big improvement for my practice.

Wai-Mei taught me not only a lot of teaching technique in yoga which are very detailed, practical and skillful, but also taught me the correct attitude of being a yoga teacher. Before training, I thought practicing yoga poses, we should challenge ourselves every time, being able to go deeper in the poses. Now, I understand that the purpose of practicing yoga poses in fact is to connect ourselves with our body, not challenging our body. Moreover, as a yoga teacher, we are teaching people, not just teaching poses. Our aim is to let our students become better, mentally and physically. The main purpose of teaching yoga is to help other people.

This course definitely made changes for my life. Thank you very much for your teaching!”

                                                                                              Coral Tseng, Barefoot Yoga Studio Summer 2015 Hong Kong Training Graduate.

“There were two strong take away messages from the teacher training. The first was about practice, both on and off the mat. This is an essential approach for succeeding in yoga and in everyday life. The second is yoga is not about competition, but it is about teamwork. When we peel back the surface layers of what makes us, “us,” we find a deeper sense of humanity where we all desire the same things and have the same basic needs. Yoga is an approach and a practice that nurtures us by serving those needs and fulfilling those desires. Thank you Robert and Wai Mei for instilling these beliefs in me!”

                         Veronica Gasset, Barefoot Yoga Studio Summer 2015 Hong Kong Training Graduate

“Barefoot Yoga Studio is a challenging school but careful and flexible to the needs of each student. This provides an excellent Yoga Teacher Training. I’m very satisfied with received training. Strongly recommended!”

Paulina Montecinos, Barefoot Yoga Studio Spring 2015 Davis Graduate