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go deeper in downdog


warroir 2

Be brave! Be compassionate! Be the Warrior!


Namaste Tree!

We are connected! 









Open up, let light comes in!


Expand yourself!

Practice makes perfect!

Happy Baby!

Life is full of surprise! You never know until you give it a try!


“Participating in Barefoot Yoga’s Teacher Training Course was one of the best gifts that Robert and Wai-Mei could have shared with me... Upon completion I feel as though I have attained the knowledge and understanding required to help others and share the yoga teachings, as well as cultivated my own founding yogic practices to guide me through the rest of my life. I am so thankful I was able to participate in this program!”
-Sarah Saldo, Barefoot Yoga Studio Fall 2013 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“Barefoot Yoga Studio RYS is an amazing place to be trained as a yoga teacher. The instructors are thoughtful, thorough and diligent in their instruction. The content of the course covers a large array of topics that helped me grow personally within my practice. I left the program feeling like a knowledgeable, confident and informed teacher. I would recommend Barefoot Yoga Studio to any aspiring teachers or anyone looking to deepen their practice and connection with yoga.”
-Karly Sena, Barefoot Yoga Studio Spring 2015 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate