“I have been a student at Barefoot for almost two years. The instructors are heart centered, interested in every students wellbeing and conscientious about encouraging students to observe their own limits and abilities. What I appreciate most is the atmosphere of instruction of the path of yoga. Robert is a wonderful teacher. He is acutely observant in the service of helping students grow in consciousness and practice yoga with accuracy and spiritual intent. “

– Patricia Opper

“I LOVE Barefoot Yoga so much because I feel like part of a family. It’s so beautiful to walk in and have a conversation with some of the most amazing people and instructors. I love that each instructor encourages me and challenges me during my practice. I love when the instructors tell us how beautiful our poses look. I love how the instructors notice when I’ve been gone for awhile. I love everything about Barefoot Yoga. It holds a very special place in my heart!!!”

– Hope Lewis

I actually started at Barefoot studio because the class schedule time fit with my schedule, and now its 3 years later and I have barely missed a week, my husband and I are totally addicted!!!! Robert has been an inspiration physically and mentally!!! We have totally benefited from our experience, every week feel stronger in mind and body and feel very connected. Thank you for your dedication and knowledge!!!

– Shanta Hernandez

My wife and I have been practicing yoga with Robert at Barefoot Yoga studio for 3 years. Robert has guided us through postures and breathing that has improved our daily lives enabling us to serve others better by serving our own temples. We always leave our practice with an overwhelming sense of connectedness in body and mind. I highly recommend this studio.

– George Hernandez

“The best in Davis! Wonderful atmosphere, friendly staff, and just the best overall!”

Simone Hasenbein

“Really impressed with this studio, the instructors and the ease of parking.”

Cecilia Bentzley Wittkop

“I love how welcoming the whole studio us, even though I’m new, it feels like I’m at home”

Ishita Singh

“I’ve really enjoyed learning from the teachers here! Good adjustments, friendly attitudes, welcoming space, skilled yoga teachers.”

Sahar Tal-Seale

“My boyfriend and I have been going to Barefoot Yoga since January 2016 and we’re hooked. We were new to yoga and unsure which class we would like to take. We chose to purchase the intro pass and went to each class for a week. Each instructor was highly skilled and patient with us. After class, the instructor was around to answer our questions and offer helpful hints. I would highly recommend Barefoot Yoga!”

– Kate Rusgrove

“Participating in Barefoot Yoga’s Teacher Training Course was one of the best gifts that Robert and Wai-Mei could have shared with me. Upon completion I feel as though I have attained the knowledge and understanding required to help others and share the yoga teachings, as well as cultivated my own founding yogic practices to guide me through the rest of my life. I am so thankful I was able to participate in this program!”

– Sarah Saldo, Barefoot Yoga Studio 2013 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“Wai-Mei stands out as far and away the best yoga instructor I have ever had. Her instructions are impeccably clear and detailed, always reminding you to breathe at the right moments during every pose and work on those easy to forget postural details. Incorporating both the breathing and pose instructions smoothly in a fast paced vinyasa class is an extremely hard puzzle to figure out, and she has absolutely mastered it. Wai-Mei’s poses seem to all be aligned with a simple concept of connection; and they are effective! You end up leaving the class feeling absolutely great. Wai-Mei is a world class instructor and we’re lucky to have her in Davis.”

– Colin K.

“Barefoot Yoga Studio RYS is an amazing place to be trained as a yoga teacher. The instructors are thoughtful, thorough and diligent in their instruction. The content of the course covers a large array of topics that helped me grow personally within my practice. I left the program feeling like a knowledgeable, confident and informed teacher. I would recommend Barefoot Yoga Studio to any aspiring teachers or anyone looking to deepen their practice and connection with yoga.”

– Karly Sena, Barefoot Yoga Studio 2015 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“Barefoot Yoga Studio is a challenging school but careful and flexible to the needs of each student. This provides an excellent Yoga Teacher Training. I’m very satisfied with received training. Strongly recommended!”

– Paulina Montecinos, Barefoot Yoga Studio 2015 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“Once a week, I make time to attend warm stretch or flow classes at Barefoot Yoga. I find the classes to be both soothing and inspirational and I always feel focused and energized when I leave the studio! Attending Barefoot Yoga provides an oasis of calm in my very busy life.”

– Lauren L

“The teachers in Barefoot Yoga Studio are professional and knowledgeable and warm, During the training, they provided me a well rounded knowledge of yoga, both philosophy and practical skills which gave me a whole picture of what yoga is and how to be a yoga teacher. I would recommend Barefoot Yoga Studio to people who want to step into the world of yoga teacher.”

– Chloe Wong, Barefoot Yoga Studio 2017 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.”

–B.K.S Iyengar