Ecstatic Dance is a free-form, non structured dance. In its most basic definition it’s a free-form dance movement inspired and led by carefully crafted music with the intention of creating a healing journey. No dance experience is needed. In Ecstatic Dance the music is the leader and participants are free to weave their way through the different soundscapes. The Ecstatic Dance environment is free of observers, judgements, posturing, conversations, shoes, alcohol, or smoke. Ecstatic Dance is an inner/outer journey, an authentic moving meditation where true Presence is experienced. It creates a direct body-mind-spirit connection, allowing our body and inner guide to be our own teachers. It’s about being fully present, transparent and real with oneself and discovering ones own true dance, using this movement and energetic experience to release stuck patterns in our bodies and mind.
Ecstatic Dance will be coming to Davis starting the first weekend of February. It will be every Saturday from 2:00-3:30 at the beautiful studio of Barefoot Yoga.
Please welcome our host Scott Jenkins!

Scott has been practicing Ecstatic Dance for three years. He integrates a wide range of practices into his life for self growth and peace such as shamatha meditation, yoga, breathwork, music, and dance. He is interested in building a stronger community around these practices to better integrate the practices for himself and to help others benefit from said practices.
Admission is $5-$15 sliding scale. Barefoot members are welcome to use their Unlimited Pass to join!